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How to Install a bare projector lamp


Installing a bare projector lamp is a very simple procedure and to make the installation easier, we include a detailed instruction sheet with every bare projector lamp we sell. The instruction
sheet visually represents and outlines in detail all the steps you will need to install your new lamp.


A screwdriver is all you will need in order to install your brand new projector lamp .


Any early knowledge or technical qualifications is not needed, and it is just likes to assemble Lego
Generally, there is a simple step process to replacing your bare projector lamp:


Please wear a pair of clean gloves or get a paper towel to handle the new bulb.
1. Unplug the projector.


2. Open the projector lamp house to gain access to the old bulb.


3. Clean the dust off the socket area and make sure it is free of any debris.


4. Removed the lamp housing from the projector.


5. Unscrew the wires that are connected to your bare projector lamp and connector and remember
the wiring of the strings


6. Remove the retaining clip that is holding your old bare projector lamp in place.


7. Replace the old lamp with the new lamp and fasten the clip and two screws back into place.


Be aware
You must do this without touching the bulb with your bare hands. Any amount of bodily/skin oil will cause problems very soon.
That's All!
We advise you to take a first look at your current projector lamp assembled in the plastic housing, so that you can visualize for yourself how easy installation will be.
You will not miss a minute without your projector.


Our only request is that you will tell your friends how easy it was to
install your bare projector lamp from projectorlampsworld.com !